Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Additional piece from Motorstorm 3

Some additional concept art from Motorstorm 3, Here's a piece showing some action of an underground rail line that's been brought to an end by a large sink hole.
Ramps have been set up to help bridge the cars and other vehicles to the other side.

The scene was quickly blocked out in Maya once again to get a camera in and get a real sense of scale. Rendering out in Mental Ray to help with light direction.

You can see below the painting the undertone render which was the initial building blocks of the piece before I started to work into it.

                                                             Underpainting render

Dropship Concept

Dropship Model

I was going to place this in my Maya Model section but I've just done a quick paint over so I wanted to place it here in my Concept page.

The Dropship I made about a year ago for an unpublished title, It was designed to drop off vehicles for the start of a race.

The model I made is fairly high poly as I wasn't too concerned with it not being used in game, it was more for me to use several times within several shots to give a good impression of how it would look in game and show it's functionality.

I've included here a quick paint over to give a better idea and below you'll see the wireframe of the model I built in Maya along with several none textured renders.

                                            Untextured Render

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Concept Art from an untitled project

Once again all the environment scenes here I built in Maya and rendered out using Mental Ray as a pass for light direction. The scenes I then painted up as a second layer using photoshop to finish off texture, weathering and give a sense of detail. This way of working has proved very useful for getting the look and feel down very quickly to show off the look and feel for many projects I've worked on.  The Vehicle design in this series is copyright of Scott Robertson.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Concept Art from an unpublished Racing title.

The two Semi trucks were modelled by myself using Maya, This image was for a concept pitch for a racing title last year. Creating quick models and then rendering out in Mental Ray to then paint over has proved to be one of my many approaches to Concept art that I've used of late. Something that I used widely during my time working on Motorstorm 3. It allows me to get a camera in where needed and choose the perspective and angle. On many occasion my models are then taken and used within the game engine.