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An update from me for 2012, Been working on the latest driving title here at Sumo Digital, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed.

While working on this project I've helped out as concept and senior Environment artist. Here's a few screen grabs of some of the pieces I've created.

Seaside Hill 2

Cave Models, Temples and Hazard spinning props , The models had to faithfully fall into the same art style as those seen in Sonic Generations. 

Also, I've helped out on the Front end and designed and built the Islands that depict the Tracks and Sega IP's.

A huge buzz for me was to be able to bring back in was Space Harrier CAB as a Cameo in the final stage as well as many other classic cabs from the History of SEGA

I helped design and build the futuristic buildings within the level following them through concept to final models.

A large revolving city tunnel that continued to have several tips of the hat towards the SEGA days of old. 
Again, I built this in 3D as part of the concept phase and then saw it through to the final models which I also textured and applied shaders.

One Sega IP that's been a huge favorite of mine ever since it released years ago is the Panzer Dragoon series.

I was lucky enough to work on the Panzer Dragoon track and was asked to help concept and build some of the Alien Ancient tech

Here's a series of screen grabs from the track and also my models in wire frame to accompany them. 

Here's a quick concept sketch I worked up to get the look and feel across for clearance with Sega before I went ahead and built the models.

Ancient Rocks

To help maintain the look and feel of the original Panzer Dragoon , we needed to capture the Ancient Alien architectural rocks as well as the tech above so I went about bringing these into a more updated HD version but stayed faithful to the original, I made several of these so they could be re used and angled throughout the track side

THQ Digital Work. 
  A series of shots taken from an unpublished Racing title.

In-Game shots accompanied by model grabs and renders.

Models and Concept Art from the Warhammer 40.000 Kill Team title.

After researching into the Warhammer universe I helped to come up with the look and feel for how the corridors and levels would be implemented ingame.
I built a series of small pieces and then after rendering these out I used them to create a few concepts.

 I also helped to model and create quite a few of the in game pieces of Ork furniture like these cannons. My models came in handy for several aspects of the game.

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